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Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair 5.5

It's a tool for repairing Excel spreadsheets and recovering its various objects
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Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair is a simple application meant to attempt the recovery of data contained by Excel files that got corrupted, broken or damaged because of various reasons, like virus infections, system crashes, etc.

Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair attempts to fix both XLS and XLSX Excel files, and, if possible, it will recover every kind of data from these spreadsheet files, may it be charts, functions, formulas, cell comments, etc. This powerful tool is also capable of preserving the layout and the formatting of the spreadsheets during their recovery and repair processes.

This handy application is also easy-to-use, as it comes with a neat, straightforward and intuitive interface. Even beginners will be able to use it without any problem. I also like that it allows previewing the data that will be recovered. That’s actually all that the free trial version does: it lets you see which data contained by the spreadsheets can be restored. In order to actually restore that data, purchasing and registering of the full version is required.

To sum it all up, Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair is a nice tool that can save your day when you have to deal with corrupted Excel files. It’s simple-to-use and it comes with some really handy additional features.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Supports both XLS and XLSX files
  • Allows previewing the recoverable data


  • The free trial version only displays the recoverable data, it doesn't allow to restore it
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